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Many WOWs deal with this problem when blending two households into one, and it can cause the most pain and frustration in your new marriage – yet it doesn’t have to.

The keys to healing this problem are communication and compromise.

Living in denial of grief’s existence will only prolong your spouse’s grief recovery.

Check out the book, Dating a Widower: Starting A Relationship With A Man Who’s Starting over by Abel Keogh, for more insight.

He may be unwilling to share his grief feelings with you on these special occasions simply because he may be afraid that speaking of them will hurt your feelings.

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If you battle with insecurities about whether or not your husband does or will ever love you as much as he loved his late wife, then resenting her pictures or personal possessions from their marriage in your house may seem like an important point of issue to you.

Be sensitive about the other person’s feelings when deciding on which of these you can live with if they are to be displayed in your home.

While the late wife’s family may or may not accept you into the new extended family fold, remember that they have experienced a great loss and are dealing with the backlash of grief.

As painful as it may seem, joining your husband in this way can be soul cleansing to both of you and to your marriage because of the opportunity for therapeutically honest communication that arises.

You may even want to get advice from another widower here as he talks about what it’s like to date and be with someone who has lost a spouse.

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